TIDC token is built on the ERC-20 Protocol. Compatible with existing Ethereum related technologies. The purpose of this token is to be used as a utility token across platforms made by Tokiee Technologies. Tokiee Technologies is a technology firm that develops and maintains technologies catered to businesses in the blockchain & related technologies arena. We build on Blockchain for Blockchain is our way of choice..

Our Goal is to fulfill easy, secure, & quick transactions done on our applications. Our applications will offer a wide array of services to clients & Industries alike. Users of the TIDC tokens will have access to platforms such as Agartha, Yoshiee, Akasa, & other web applications the company deploys in its future.


These platforms offer a wide array of services of today’s world but has adopted a pure blockchain set of thinking. We will offer services such as real estate investing, A marketplace - Similar to Amazon, Online Retail Store Support - Similar to Shopify, Akasa - A blockchain Search engine, Banking system - Deposit of cryptocurrencies in our offline facilities. Decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges, Social Media Functionalities, Communication Tools, Holographic Cryptocurrency Exchange & much more for users on the internet

Along with software applications our company also develops its own hardware devices that will relate to its projects. Yoshiee Technologies is the company that is responsible for the further development & maintenance of these devices. For example, our decentralized exchange yoshiee will be operated on it’s own tablet.


Yoshiee technologies currently is developing a phone, tablet, & laptop for all things blockchain. We are yet to determine if we are going to develop our in house operating system or use something that already exists. Yoshiee technologies is set to release it’s products in mid - 2019. However this can be further delayed. Yoshiee technologies also is in the process of developing a holographic cryptocurrency exchange for extreme traders. This exchange will be installed in a home or office of a trader. Our first prototype is set to release spring 2019.

These might seem far fetched ideas for a company to complete but we are no average company. We have a team of over 30+ developers in Toronto, Singapore, & Amritsar. We have built most of the technologies that we have mentioned above. We are growing everyday & encourage others to participate on our open source projects. We are branching out to robotics programming, development of Artificial Intelligence high frequency trading tools.To find out more on what we are doing & how you can be apart of it contact us directly at .